Costs: Conference Fees, Accommodations and Travel

Past Conferences and Funding Model

Just like TCR 2015, TCR 2017 will be larger and will use a conference fee model. We will work to keep conference costs low and provide some scholarships to doctoral students.

The Conference Site and Lodging

Cornell University is in a suburban environment, with easy access to New York City via local train system and the entire northeast and midatlantic corridors by Amtrak.


Costs are still being estimated but the plan is to keep costs as low as possible. The current plan is to charge $450 for faculty and business practitioners, $250 for community and government attendees and $250 for students. What is included? These fees include the conference fee, food and on-campus housing from June 18 at 6pm to June 20 at 2pm. All travel, including to and from the campus, is the responsibility of attendees.

Given this conference includes all-day working sessions, typically attendees do not travel with their families. We would suggest that an off-campus hotel would be more appropriate if you are traveling with your family or partner.

Off-Campus Hotels

Cornell will provide housing in on-campus apartments, if desired, from Sunday, June 18 – Tuesday, June 20. The cost of on-campus housing is included in the registration fee. However, some participants may opt instead to stay in a local hotel at their own expense. Several nearby hotels will be available for housing. Since the cost of off-campus housing is not included in the registration fee, it will be your responsibility to book an off-campus hotel if you elect this.

For those who choose to take part in the pre-conference workshop on Sunday, June 18, Cornell will provide the option to pay for an extra night on Saturday in the on-campus apartments.