Stephen’s interests are in applied ethics, consumer psychology, data analysis, public health, research, and social marketing. His recent work examines empirical factors that encourage reduced food consumption, the ethics of social marketing/public health interventions, and the ways to encourage, enable and empower consumer choice and responsibility.


Is Senior Lecturer of Marketing at the University of Technology Sydney. Natalina’s interests include the study of marketing influences on eating behavior, self-regulation, and cognition. Her research has been published in the Journal of Marketing, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of the Association for Consumer Research.


Joy Parkinson is Lecturer in Social Marketing, Griffith University. She is a social marketing and behaviour change expert. Today, Joy’s research focuses on social marketing (using marketing principles to change behaviours to improve social and health outcomes), digital marketing including social media and consumer behaviour. Behaviours include healthful eating and physical activity behaviours, increasing breastfeeding, and disaster preparedness.