TCR Conference FAQs

Application process is open October 1, 2016. Deadline: November 15, 2016.

It is a structured, deep and engaged conversation in which participants commit to working on a social theme throughout the entire time of the conference. Additional information on TCR and dialogical conferences can be found on the ACR website.

A theme is a topic related to transformative consumer research. TCR 2017 will include the following themes:

Stage 1 Tracks (open for applications)

  • A Collaborative Effort: Facilitating Financial Well-being through an Understanding of Healthcare Pricing and Consumer Financial Decision Making
  • An Eclectic Approach to Understanding Sustainable Consumption: Implications for Marketing and Public Policy
  • Artistic Expression and the Path to a Better World
  • Consuming Space: How to Foster Pro-social Transformations?
  • Ending Hunger: Empowering Innovative Local Solutions
  • Engaging, enabling, empowering consumers in solving obesity
  • Exploring Consumer Financial Vulnerability as a Critical Turning Point in Consumer Well-Being
  • Religion, Spirituality, and financial decision-making
  • Subsistence and Sustainability
  • Tackling Modern Slavery: Collapsing the Consumption and Production Divide
  • The Experiential Pleasure of Food
  • Transformative Market and Consumer Research Initiatives for the Refugee Humanitarian Crisis
  • Transforming the Patient Experience
  • Understanding the Role of the Culture Industries in Creating An Emancipatory Positive Critique
  • Women and Health: Choices, Challenges, and Champions

For an overview of Stage 1 Tracks, click here.

Stage 2 Tracks (not open for applications)

  • Exploring New Ways How Financial Service Organizations Can Improve the Financial Well-Being of Vulnerable Consumers
  • Exploring their Stories: The Role and Impact of Narratives in the Stigmatization Process
  • Healing Multiculturalism: Challenges, Tensions and Opportunities
  • Mapping out a Transformative Consumer Research Agenda for Gender & Intersectionalities
  • Overcoming Barriers to Transformation and Maximizing Impact
  • Poverty Alleviation through Transformative Relationships: Escalating the Long-term Impact of Short-term Interventions
  • Staying on the Virtuous Path: Helping Consumers Do What They Should
  • Understanding Physician and Consumer Responses to Vaccination Policy
  • Women as Commodities: An Examination of Violence Against Women

For an overview of Stage 2 Tracks, click here.

The best participants are passionate about their area of interest, have a strong history of service, work well in teams, draw out balanced dialog from participants, are great conceptual thinkers, and are able to tie together the disparate threads of the conversation into impactful contributions. Participants often work well with co-chairs to maximize strengths across these areas.

This is a dialogical format. The final presentations to the group on Sunday will summarize the group’s discussion and will be around 10 minutes per group. There will be no individual presentations.

Limited travel scholarships will be available. To apply for a travel scholarship, please indicate your desire within your application to the conference. Typically travel grants have been small and are awarded to international doctoral students.

All applications are only for individuals. Someone accepted to the conference may not bring a colleague, assistant, or co-author. Each person must apply on their own.