TCR is not a traditional conference. Only those who were accepted to attend the 2017 conference were invited to register for the conference. If you were accepted to the conference, you should have received a registration link from your track chair.

For those who have been accepted to TCR Conference, here is a link to helpful information about travel: TCR info sheet

For those of you with a car, if you want even more information about parking (and the chance to pre-pay parking at a lower rate), see Conference Parking Information. Note that there are currently no options with the pre-pay system to extend your parking pass before or after June 18-20, so you would need to use the on-site options listed in the same document for parking extra days outside of June18-20.

Here is a map of Cornell’s campus: Cornell campus map.


Extra Nights

You may stay on campus extra nights before and/or after the conference. You will pay for these extra days upon check-in at Cornell (including 8% tax, extra nights are $60.48 for double occupancy and $86.40 for single occupancy per night). However, you need to reserve the rooms before June 1, 2017 by contacting Kristin Beierle at

Extra Guests

While we do not prohibit participants from traveling with nonparticipant guests (and of course we would love to meet the people important to you at the Sunday evening welcome reception and/or the Tuesday box lunch and final presentations), we want to make it clear that the TCR conference is intensive and there may not be time to spend doing nonconference activities on Monday and on Tuesday until 2pm. If you wish to travel with a guest and share your on-campus accommodations, you may inquire with Kristin Beierle at